What To Do After Rental Car Accident

Rental cars are generally useful when you are away from home but need a reliable car for self-use or business use. Whether you take it for a company trip or vacation, the rental car can give you the freedom to travel safely. One drawback of a rental car is that you don’t own it but can take it only for a short period. For that reason, the liabilities and insurance coverage issues can be tricky to get. 

If you have a rental car accident, then ask an Accident Injury Attorney Orlando as soon as possible. Read the article below to know more about it. 

What Should I Do If I Have Been In A Crash

Being involved in a car accident is no doubt a scary part for everyone involved with the same. But for this case, you should take proper steps so you can protect yourself and recover compensation for the damage. Here everything is given below about what to do in a rental car accident. 

Assess The Situation First

Before you take any step after a rental car accident, first make sure that everyone in the car is ok. If anyone is injured seriously, call your nearest hospital or call the helpline number. If required, move to any safe location and inform the police as soon as possible. 

Contact Emergency Services

Before you start your journey, make sure to take note of all the emergency numbers of that particular city. As each of the countries and states have different emergency services. If any accident occurs on the road, you should immediately inform the emergency services. They will help you if anyone gets injured or your car is extremely damaged. 


Gather Evidence 

Once you face an accident, make sure to exchange your contact details and other insurance information of injured parties. You can ask the police to get an accident report from them. Don’t forget to know about the police officer’s name, badge, and accident case number and other information. You can also take multiple pictures of the crash and car. 

Call The Rental Company First

Your car rental company must have some emergency numbers that you can use at the time of an accident. They will inform you what they want you to do with the car. Apart from that, they will help you if the car is not in a drivable situation. 

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

You can’t handle the case properly without any help from an Accident Injury Attorney Orlando, especially the insurance part. But a personal injury lawyer can help you by providing the right information and your legal rights so you can proceed further. 

A Car Accident Attorney Orlando, FL has expertise in proceeding with this type of case. They can better understand whether this is needed to file a personal injury lawsuit or if the case is strong enough to pursue the settlement.

Who Pays For The Damages

Responsibility for a car accident depends on the people who are at fault. When renting a car, you should have insurance coverage for potential accidents. This insurance covers some of the damages involved in potential accidents. 

Some personal car insurance policies can also provide coverage for injuries for the damages that you have experienced in your rental car. 

In that case, if an accident occurs then you can file an insurance claim following the accident. Before doing so, you should speak with the Car Accident Attorney Orlando, FL who can include every type of damage and other expenses that you can face?

In that case, the Personal Injury Attorney Orlando, FL can negotiate all terms and expenses on behalf of you, so that you don’t need to pay much as compensation or you can get what you deserve.


What You Should Do Before You Rent A Car

Here are the tips you can follow before you take rent of a car:

  • Know whether your insurance provider covers long term rental coverage or not. 
  • Check if all the insurance information is within the car or not. 
  • Make sure about all the coverages of liability coverage, personal accident, personal insurance, etc. 
  • You should capture a picture first if your rental car has any type of scratches or dents. 


If you have a rental car accident, you can ask a Personal Injury Attorney Orlando, FL for help as soon as possible. In that case, the lawyer should be experienced enough to handle your case. Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in settling the case of a rental car accident. Follow the instructions above and enjoy hassle-free car accident settlement easily.