How Do I Prove The Other Driver Failed to Yield in an Accident? 

All motorists are legally obligated to observe traffic rules and regulations when driving their motor vehicles in Connecticut. One of these traffic rules is yielding or giving the right-of-way to other motorists and users under specific circumstances. 

Certain circumstances are obvious, including when yield signs, stop signs, and traffic control devices give direction at roundabouts and intersections. But in others, figuring out which motorist must yield the right-of-way can be difficult to determine. 

What’s clear is that, under the law, when a driver fails to yield, and this failure causes an accident, they may be held liable for the damages resulting from the crash. However, proving fault in an accident where a driver failed to yield can be challenging, particularly if the injured party does not have clear evidence to prove they had the right-of-way during the crash. 

How Failure to Yield Accidents Happen

If a driver fails to yield, an accident can happen even if other motorists follow the traffic signs or road signs. These mostly preventable crashes can happen when irresponsible or negligent drivers:

  • Don’t stop at stop signs or red lights
  • Fail to yield to a pedestrian who has the right-of-way
  • Do not stop before merging into the traffic flow on a major roadway from a minor street, driveway, or alley
  • Drive across opposing traffic lanes when cars in approaching traffic have the right-of-way

A driver’s failure to yield in these circumstances will most likely result in the driver being liable for the injuries and damages resulting from the crash. These damages may include medical expenses, missed earnings for injured victims who can’t go to work, replacement costs, property damage, and emotional and physical pain and suffering, among others.

Proving The Other Driver’s Failure to Yield 

To receive proper compensation from a driver who injured you because they failed to yield, you’ll need to provide proof that can establish liability. But be warned the other driver’s insurance provider may attempt to blame you for the crash and to ensure you obtain compensation, you must show the other driver was solely or primarily at fault for the crash. 

The problem is that in some auto accidents, fault is not so easily determined. This is why working with a Hartford, CT, auto accident attorney is crucial to help prove fault in a failure to yield accident. An experienced and reputable attorney will have all the necessary resources to thoroughly investigate the accident to make sure that you have all the evidence you need to hold the at-fault driver liable for your damages. 

Consult with a Skilled Auto Accident Attorney in Hartford, CT, Now

Regardless of whether the at-fault driver failed to follow the traffic rules or intentionally failed to give you the right-of-way in an auto crash, you may be legally entitled to pursue compensation under Connecticut law. To set up a free evaluation of your case with a Hartford, CT, auto accident attorney, contact Berman & Russo by filling out our online form or calling 860-644-1548.