Love To Ride The Bicycle? Here Are Some Safety Rules To Remember

Some people do not like the idea of driving or are too afraid of the road’s dangers to driving a car or any motor vehicle. They may choose to opt for a bicycle that is not only safe but a greener option for the environment. Cycling also gives you much-needed exercise. 

When people think about safe ways of traveling, they usually think of a bicycle. Since cycles cannot go fast and there is less news of cycle accidents, people tend to take cycling very lightly. However, doing the wrong things can lead you to a catastrophe. If you are already injured, speak to an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney today. 

Safety rules for bicycles 

  • Follow the law. 

The first and foremost rule is to follow the law. Check out the rules and regulations for bicycles, and ensure you keep them in mind every time you ride the bike. While many people treat cycles and motor vehicles differently, they are treated the same on the road. 

All cycles must follow the same instructions as cars, such as obeying the traffic lights, stopping at stop signs, riding with the traffic, etc. 

  • Concentrate. 

Perhaps the biggest key to being safe on the road is concentrating on your surroundings and being alert to the vehicles approaching and passing you. You cannot expect to be safe from accidents if your mind and eyes keep wandering off to different places. Avoid the use of the phone completely, and it is not recommended to listen to songs with your headphones in. 

  • Know where you should and should not ride the bike. 

One of the most important things to know about cycling is where you should and should not ride the bike. It is a basic bike riding rule that you should behave like a motor vehicle driver when riding your bike and a pedestrian when walking it. This also means you need to ride your bike in the direction of the traffic and not against it. 

  • Be predictable. 

The other vehicles around you on the road should not be confused about your next move. You should always make it clear which direction you are headed. Ride in a straight line and avoid swerving. Always check behind you for cars before changing lanes and use hand signs to convey which direction you are turning. 

  • Be seen. 

As a bicycle rider, your goal is to be seen on the road. It can be easy to become hidden and be accidentally hit by a car since cycles are smaller than cars. It is recommended to wear bright clothing to be seen from a distance.