I ran over an animal while drunk driving. How can a DUI attorney help me?

DUI or Driving Under Influence can put you in danger. Most states have strict regulations and penalties for DUI. If you are convicted of DUI, your driving license can be suspended, your vehicle rights may be seized, and you can be penalized with a heavy fine and might end up in jail for a certain period. If you run over an animal while driving, you may not be penalized by law, and your insurance company generally covers your damages. But if you hit an animal while drunk driving, you will be penalized for DUI, and you may face strict legal actions. If you are facing such a situation in Hawaii, calling a DUI attorney in Hawaii to deal with the case is advisable.

DUI attorney can help you save money and time

An experienced DU attorney can represent you in court and save money and time by efficiently handling the case. He appears in the court to represent you and can win the case by preparing necessary documents and helping you to prepare for the trial.

DUI attorney can get your license back

A DUI case can suspend your driving license and vehicle rights. Sometimes if the case is light, it may be suspended for a certain period, but in serious cases, it may be suspended permanently. A DUI attorney can talk with the court, prepare documents and get your license back.

DUI attorney can lighten your sentence

A DUI penalty can burden you with huge penalties and even a jail sentence. An experienced attorney can lighten your sentence by representing your case and sometimes even dismiss the total penalty.

DUI attorney knows better how to handle the situation

A DUI attorney knows how to handle the situation best, whether a DUI or running over an animal while drunk driving. He knows the state’s law best and can make the case easier for you to get through.


Do not drink and drive. You might not be penalized for hitting an animal while driving but will face serious consequences if caught driving drunk. You will be charged with DUI, and handling a DUI is never easy. In most states, the DUI laws are quite severe, and you may be penalized heavily. If you face such situations, having a DUI attorney by your side will help you in these situations without much headache.