What Are The Four Types of Immigrants?

The USA is one of the most powerful economies that lures people to come to the country for a better life. Such people are immigrants in the country and must go through a long and tedious procedure before becoming a part of the country. The immigration law and procedures in the USA are complicated. You will also have to meet certain eligibility criteria and get involved in a lot of paperwork and documentation. Therefore, if you plan to immigrate to the USA, you must know about the four types of immigration status. To know more about Immigrant Visas ask an immigration attorney.

The four types of immigrants in the USA are:-

U.S. Citizens: These individuals were born in the country or went through naturalization after three to five years as permanent residents. They cannot be deported, the only exception being they acquired citizenship by fraud. This immigration status also allows these individuals to legally live and work and receive benefits in the country. They can also help other family members to move to the USA by sponsoring them. 

Residents: There are two types of residents here: legal permanent and conditional residents. The legal permanent residents hold a green card. The green card provides them the lawful status to live in the country. To be eligible for permanent residency, you must be sponsored by a family member or employer, get refugee or asylum status, get special immigrant status through some humanitarian program, etc. 

Non-immigrant: These individuals have migrated to the USA for a specific purpose or work. They are of different nationalities and have been granted temporary permission to be in the U.S. The non-immigrant visa provides their legal status in the country as temporary visitors. People want to stay and not immigrate in the country but stay in the country as per the time mentioned and then leave as the visa expires. Some non-immigrant visas are B1 and B2 visas, Student visas (F1), etc.

Undocumented immigrants: Such individuals have no permission to live in the country permanently. They have been in the country illegally, or their temporary visa has expired. They have no right to work in the country and have no access to public welfare and other benefits. Such people can be deported back to their country or face proceedings for the same.

If you are planning to immigrate to the USA but are facing problems with the same, get in touch with a reputed immigration attorney who will assist you better.