What are Family Lawyers Mostly Hired For?

Family lawyers focus on family law cases that include divorce and child custody cases. They provide legal help for clients who are experiencing difficulty in their relationships due to these issues. You can consult a Lehi family law attorney if you have a dispute over child custody, visitation rights, child support, alimony, or any other issues. They can also help you file for divorce and negotiate with the other spouse over property division. 

We will now see more into what family lawyers are mostly hired.

  • Divorces

Family lawyers are mostly hired for filing a divorce case. These lawyers can assist you in completing all the legal formalities of filing a divorce case. They will examine all the documents and help you settle alimony and joint property. A family lawyer will also assist you in several procedures, including filing for divorce, drafting an agreement, filing an appropriate petition with the court, and many more.

  • Prenuptial agreement

Family lawyers can also help you prepare a prenuptial agreement. In this case, they will help you draft an agreement and guide you through the legal steps of preparing such an agreement. You can work with these lawyers to prepare a prenuptial contract before entering into a marriage.

  • Property division

Family lawyers are usually hired to help individuals who are in a dispute over property division after divorce or the death of their spouse. They help people in dividing the property without going to court. Family lawyers are also hired for property division if the couple is not able to reach a settlement by themselves. 

  • Child support and child custody

Family lawyers are also mostly hired for negotiating child support and child custody. They help with parenting time, child support, and child visitation while you are going through a divorce. During the process, they provide legal advice and help you protect your rights.

  • Alimony

Family lawyers can be hired for the purpose of negotiating alimony. In their practice, these lawyers provide legal help in helping you reach an agreement with your spouse regarding alimony. They make sure you get the required amount of alimony.

  • Adoption

In some cases, family lawyers are hired for adoption. They help with the preparation of a proposal that will include adoption. These lawyers also make sure that you get all the required legal documents during adoption, including birth certificates.